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Our cases are so often about UK companies committing harm overseas which they would not do in the UK. The sad thing is that there are companies out there that seek to profit from other people’s vulnerability.

As a firm we passionately believe that as a first world country we have a responsibility not to take advantage of people who aren’t in as fortunate a position. 

We are not afraid to take a stand, and we want to show there is a better way.

We have brought cases against many multi-national corporations, including:

•    Rio Tinto 1995-1998
Leigh Day brought the claims of a former miner at Rio Tinto’s Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia. Ground breaking precedent from the House of Lords on the law and jurisdiction.

•    Thor Chemicals 1995-1997
The first successful Multinational human rights case in the UK: 42 South African workers compensated poisoned by mercury at the Thor factory in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. 

•    Cape PLC 1997-2003
A ground-breaking case on behalf of 7,500 South African asbestos miners who sued Cape plc for mesothelioma, the fatal asbestos-related cancer of the lining of the lungs and received approximately £10.5 million. Landmark judgment of the House of Lords with South African Government intervening in support of the claimants. 

•    Trafigura 2007-2009
Represented 30,000 people in the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) in one of Britain’s largest ever group actions for harms arising from the dumping of toxic waste. 

•    Monterrico Metals 2009-2011
Secured compensation for 33 indigenous Peruvians for alleged torture, beatings and sexual abuse at Rio Blanco mine operated by Monterrico Metals. 

•    Anglo American South Africa 2004-2013
First ever gold miners’ silicosis settlement in South Africa for 23 former mine workers who had contracted silicosis working on Anglo American mines 

Landmark R500 million (£23 million) settlement in 2016 for 4,500 South African gold miners who contracted silicosis in Anglo American’s mines.

•    Barrick Gold (Acacia) 2013-2015
Secured compensation for injuries and fatalities at African Barrick Gold’s North Mara mine in Tanzania.

•    British Airways 2013-2016
2016 settlement for 37 children and young adults in Kenya and Uganda, who were allegedly sexually abused by a British Airways pilot.

•    Anglo Gold and Anglo American South Africa 2013-2016
Landmark R500 million (£23 million) settlement in 2016 for 4,500 South African gold miners who contracted silicosis in Anglo American’s mines. 

•    BP 2007-2016
Successfully acted for 50 farmers over environmental damage from a BP gas pipeline in Colombia. 

•    Shell 2008-present
January 2015 landmark settlement against Shell for over 15,000 residents of a fishing community in the Niger Delta region.

Ogale Community of 40,000 farmers bring claim against Shell at the end of 2015. 

•    Tonkolili Iron Ore 2013-present
Acting in UK High Court against Tonkolili Iron Ore Ltd over alleged human rights abuses near one of its mines. 

•    Xstrata 2013-present
22 Claimants are seeking compensation from Xstrata for human rights violations allegedly perpetrated in 2012 by the PNP during a protest in the vicinity of a copper mine in Peru. 

•    DJ Houghton 2015-present 
Won substantial compensation for Lithuanian victims of trafficking in first ever modern slavery related case against a British company. 

•    K2 Intelligence 2016-present
Representing 5 anti-asbestos campaigners whose network was allegedly infiltrated by an industry-engaged corporate spy employed by K2 Intelligence. 

•    Vedanta 2016-present
Over 1,800 Zambian villagers are taking legal action against UK based Vedanta Resources claiming that polluted water is affecting their health and causing illnesses and permanent injuries.

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