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Leigh Day is known for its pioneering work in transport disaster claims, such as the Paddington train crash.  The firm's specialist personal injury lawyers have successfully recovered significant sums of compensation for people who have been injured in disasters such as the explosion at the fuel depot in Buncefield and for a man who was injured when his neighbour's house exploded following a gas leak.

Our personal injury solicitors and lawyers have also represented the families of the people who died in the Dreamspace incident, when an inflatable art installation escaped from its moorings, tipping members of the public to the ground. Our lawyers are experienced in attending inquests and inquiries.

Senior solicitors in the personal injury department acted on a 'pro bono' basis for several people who were injured in the 7th July London bombings, helping them to recover damages and benefits for serious injuries and in some cases, fatal injuries for their families. 

Our personal injury lawyers are expert in recovering compensation for people who have suffered serious injuries, brain injuries, spinal injuries or who have undergone amputation following national or local disasters, major transport accidents, explosions or other serious life-threatening incidents.

When several people have been injured in a disaster they will often start legal action together in what is known as a group claim. We specialise in multi party legal actions arising from transport and other disasters that have happened both in this country and abroad.

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