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Road safety and cyclists

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injury if they are involved in a crash with another vehicle on the road. As the number of journeys on bikes increases, with London Transport reporting that the number of cycle journeys made in the City has doubled in the last 12 years to over 540,000 each day, it is more important than ever that cyclists feel safe on the UK's roads.

Cycle accidents, lorries and HGVs

Lorries and HGVs pose a particular risk of serious injury to cyclists in London and other urban areas. Although they account for only 5% of London's traffic they have been involved in half of cycle fatalities according to British Cycling.  Construction lorries were involved in more than a third of all deaths of cyclists in London in 2010 and 2011. The dangers arise in major cities because of the large number of junctions and tight corners which HGVs have to negotiate, increasing the likelihood of the vehicles coming into contact with cyclists. It is estimated that a cyclist who is hit by a HGV is 78% more likely to be killed than if struck by a car.

Cyclists in London

Commuting by bike in London has never been easier with the development of new cycle lanes and cycle routes following the London Olympics. However, there remain some notorious cycling hotspots in the city. In particular, the junctions north and south of Blackfriar's Bridge have seen a number of serious accidents, as has the junction at Elephant and Castle.

Car and van drivers continue to injure significant numbers of cyclists, the most common immediate response from an offending motorist to an injured cyclist usually being,  “I didn’t see you” despite the cyclist being lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree.

The problem is not one of visibility alone as most car drivers have a clear view of the road and the approaching cyclist, but simply fail to appreciate the presence of a cyclists. It may be that a 'cycle awareness' education programme for all motorists, from the those driving eco-friendly green cars to the drivers of large construction lorries would be very valuable; perhaps along the lines of the motorcycle campaign of think once, think twice, think bike.

The cycling team works closely with road safety charities such as Brake and Roadpeace to prevent death and serious injury on our roads.
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