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Common cycling injuries

Common injuries following a cycle crash

Although every bike accident is different, many common injuries are suffered by cyclists including: 
  • fractured clavicle and scapula
  • fractured pelvis, coccyx and leg
  • soft tissue injuries to the neck, shoulders and back
  • concussion and head injury
  • road rash
  • anxiety and other associated psychological injuries
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Head injuries, ranging from fatal skull fractures and brain damage, to minor concussion and cuts, are very common injuries to cyclists, with data showing that over 40% of cyclists suffer some form of head injury following a cycle crash.

The Department of Transport released a 2011 study of 116 fatal cyclist incidents in London and rural areas, demonstrating that over 70% of the cyclist fatalities in London had moderate or serious head injuries with over 80% of those killed in collisions on rural roads sustaining a similar level of injury.

What to do after a bike crash

After any cycle accident where you are injured, it is vital that you report these injuries to your GP or local hospital, if an ambulance is not called to the scene.
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We always recommend taking photographs of your injuries, to make sure a real-time account of the injuries is kept, and the full extent of the injuries can be shown to any medical experts who are instructed in relation to your claim.

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