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Dealing with thousands of claims for cycling injuries every year, our team is acutely aware of the importance of making the roads in our cities as safe as possible for cyclists. 

Many of our staff cycle to Leigh Day’s offices, which neighbours Barts hospital in Smithfields, and we are delighted to have partnered with the Bespoke study, supported by the Barts Charity Safe Cycling Appeal, to explore bicycle-related injuries in London.

The Bespoke project is a collaboration between the research teams of the Orthopaedic and Emergency Departments of Europe’s busiest trauma centre at the Royal London Hospital. Leading consultants at this hospital see some of the most serious and life-threatening injuries, and have observed a nearly 400% increase in cycling-related injuries over the last 10 years.

As researchers, the Bespoke team are committed to an entirely agnostic and neutral approach, allowing for the provision of accurate and unbiased evidence to inform decision-making by transport planners, local councils and healthcare policymakers. As people who ride bicycles, the team’s ultimate aim is to prevent cycle-related traumatic injury and encourage cycling for all.

The Bespoke project utilises two methods to gather new data and insights about cycling:
  1. A crowdsourcing web-app to collect and record data about cycling incidents and near misses on our roads, enabling a real time picture of cycling related incidents and the identification of accident hotspots.
  2. Detailed analysis of all cycling-related injuries presenting at the Royal London Hospital, including the circumstances surrounding accidents, severity of injuries, economic cost and recovery time. 

The long term goal of Bespoke is to create a template for learning and understanding about how to make cycling safer across the UK. In order to realise this vision, we need to work with the people who are most affected by the findings of our study: cyclists. We will engage and involve the cycling community at every stage of the Bespoke study.

"The innovative Bespoke data project lead by researchers in London's biggest Emergency Department is key to unlocking data which is currently lacking from the debate about cycle safety in London. I urge all London cyclists to get involved!"
- Jon Snow, presenter, journalist and cycling champion

Leigh Day’s partnership  will allow the study team, based at the Royal London Hospital  to recruit a full time project manager who will gather detailed data from patients  involved in cycle collisions that have been treated at Europe’s busiest Emergency Department.      

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