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The Birmingham Modular Total Hip Replacement (BHMH Product)

The BHMH also falls into the category LHMOM. The UK manufacturer Smith & Nephew issued an Urgent Field Safety Notice on 25 September 2012 updating the instructions for use of the BHMH given the higher than expected failure rates.

The Australian National Joint Registry Report (ANJR) indicated that the average revision rate for BHMH with all stems is currently 1.13 revisions per 100 observed component years, which exceeds Smith & Nephew’s own benchmark rate of 1%. This compares to a revision rate of 0.8 per hundred observed years for other components identified by the ANJR

Leigh Day is investigating claims that patients implanted with the BHMH are suffering from similar symptoms to those alleged by patients with the DePuy ASR and Pinnacle components. Specifically that the BHMH is failing as a result of loosening of either the acetabular or femoral component, reaction to metal wear debris and soft tissue and bone damage.

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