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Inquests and fatal accidents

For many families the news that an inquest and post-mortem must take place comes as a complete shock. However, it should not delay the release of the body for a funeral for more than a few days whilst the post-mortem is being carried out.

Once the post-mortem is completed the inquest is opened and adjourned to allow the body to be released to the family. The inquest is then re-opened at a later date when all the evidence that needs to be heard, such as statements from former work colleagues and family, is ready.

Having considered the evidence, the court may make a finding of "death by industrial disease".  If the family is pursuing or intends to pursue a claim for compensation it can be helpful if the finding of death by industrial disease is made out at the inquest.

We are always happy to assist and represent people at inquests. For further information please contact Sally Moore on 020 7650 1232.

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