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Abuse in healthcare settings

At Leigh Day, we have successfully acted for clients who have suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse from healthcare professionals, both in the context of inpatient settings and in the community. Sadly, the stories that we have heard serve as stark reminders that no institution, and no profession, however well trusted, can be immune from abuse.

We have represented clients who have suffered abuse from nurses, General Practitioners, therapists and mental health support workers. In some of these cases, the individual involved may have been receiving treatment or support for their mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.  

Where an individual has suffered such a grave breach of trust from a trusted professional, we know from our clients just how damaging this can be, not least when it comes to accessing support or healthcare services after the abuse. For some of our clients, for example, the support services on offer have been within the very NHS Trust where they suffered the abuse, and we have obtained compensation to provide them with the resources they may need to access private, independent therapy.

As well as the actions of individual perpetrators, it is also possible that there may have been safeguarding failings on the part of the institution that employed that professional. We have dealt with cases, for example, where colleagues or patients have raised concerns about the behaviour of the perpetrator some time (and even years) before an investigation was ever undertaken. In such cases, the lack of action on the part of that institution may itself form the basis of a civil claim. 

Whilst we know that no amount of money may ever truly compensate someone who has suffered abuse, an award of damages, or an apology, can nonetheless go some way to acknowledging that what happened was wrong; that it was not the client’s fault; and that changes should be made. 

If you or someone you care for has suffered abuse from a healthcare professional, even if this has not resulted in a criminal conviction, you can talk confidentially to a member of the abuse claims team.
We can talk to you about gathering evidence, whether compensation could be available, and realistically assess your chances of succeeding. Don't worry about legal costs, or let it stop you contacting us; we can discuss the options with you and help you decide what the best option for you is.  

Please phone Alison or Kate on 020 7650 1200 in complete confidence, or fill in our enquiry form and someone from the abuse claims team will get back to you.

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