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Rebekah's trainee story

Rebekah is a solicitor in the International and Group Claims department, specialising in the area of international sexual abuse. Rebekah trained in the Clinical Negligence department and the International and Group Claims department and also completed a secondment to the Shadow Attorney General.

"The two years I spent training at Leigh Day were varied, interesting and fun.  My first year was spent working on fascinating, though sometimes heart breaking, cases in the Clinical Negligence department with Suzanne White. This involved a great deal of client contact and required familiarising myself with complex medical issues quickly for conferences with Counsel.

After this, I spent six months in Parliament working with the Shadow Attorney General. This opportunity afforded me a fascinating insight into the way in which law and policy interacts when in Opposition. 

I then spent my remaining six months working on a variety of cases in the International & Group claims department, which is where I qualified. 

I now assist Nichola Marshall on claims against British individuals who abuse children abroad, which is immensely rewarding.

The job involves challenging investigative work in developing countries and finding creative ways of using the law to obtain justice for some of the most vulnerable, exploited children in the world."


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