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Other funding options

As well as ‘No win No Fee’ and ‘Public Funding’  options, we can also explore with you funding your case through the options listed below:

Trade union funding
Some trade unions have a legal advice and assistance scheme which allows you to obtain advice from an approved solicitor for personal injury claims. If you are a member of a trade union, you may be entitled to a free initial interview. Your union may then fund the whole of the case for you and there will be no risk that you will have to pay legal costs.

Some Unions even have schemes to pay for cases brought by your children or spouse.
Trade Unions do not usually offer funding for clinical negligence claims.

Legal expenses insurance
Legal Expenses Insurance is purchased before an accident happens and is usually attached to other insurance policies such as household, travel or motor insurance or other financial products, like credit cards.

Usually such insurance will cover the expenses you incur, such as experts’ fees, and will cover you against the risk of paying your opponent’s costs if you do not win. Your insurers may also pay some of your own solicitor’s charges.

You should check your insurance policies and credit cards you have to see if you have legal expense insurance and tell your solicitor about any possibility that you may already have insurance.

Private funding
Paying privately is the most straightforward method of funding legal action but also the least popular. You pay our charges for our work and your expenses as the case goes along and whether you win or lose.
If you win the case, we will recover our costs from your opponent, just like with other types of funding.  Again as with other funding if you lose the case you will be responsible for paying your opponent’s costs. It may be possible to try to insure against this risk but many insurers would want us to act on a CFA to offer insurance.

Paying privately is unpopular because you have to find a substantial amount of money up front to fund the legal costs of the claim, which you may not get back.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.